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Personalised items aren’t old school, they’re the perfect gift

Personalised items aren’t old school, they’re the perfect gift

When you think about personalised gifts, what comes to mind? Engraved trophies? Embroidered hankies? Maybe you think of your grandparents.

If you aren’t sure what personalisation is, or if you would ever buy a personalised item, this is the article for you. If you’re already convinced, you can go ahead and skip it.

(See, there’s a subtle bit of personalisation right there). Here’s five reasons personalisation isn’t just for your grandparents but the perfect gift for your best friend and any style icon.

1. Personal is powerful

Share a Coke with...

We’ve all seen how popular Coke’s “Share a drink with …” campaign has been. It sold 250 million named bottle cans in Australia alone.

Why did it work? Because we all love to feel recognised! If something as simple as a coke bottle, or a jar of Nutella (we see you!) makes us feel this good, imagine how much better giving a friend something personal that they can hold onto forever will feel.



2. It can be tailored unique characteristics

If you've got an uncommon name, you know exactly what we mean.

Have you felt the rejection of not seeing your name on a standard keychain? Unless your name is Angela or Adam, we’re betting you have. The coke campaign started with only the top 150 names in Australia. That’s a lot of people who couldn’t find their name!

But nowadays a lot of personalised items are custom made. Not only does this mean you’ll get to see your name on a keyring, or bottle, but it’s the perfect time for in-jokes too.


3. It stands out

How embarrassing!When celebrities spot each other wearing the same thing, it can get a little awkward. Rather than blend in with the crowd or open yourself up to “who wore it better?”, personalised items give you the chance to express your unique style. Show what makes you or your friend special and look super stylish doing it.


4. It's fun!

Choose from Sterling Silver, Rose Gold plated, or Gold plated with matching keychain.Have you ever dreamed, even for a second, of being a designer? Personalised items give you the control, without the pressure. Design the perfect necklace or the keychain of your dreams. Whatever you have to say, make it personal.


5. They are a little old school (and that's a good thing!)

Everyone has a phone. But a custom case is how you can truly make it your own.We’re calling it! There are some things that were great about the old way of doing things! Namely, people felt loved and cared for when they were given something special. Let’s bring that spirit into the 21st century with unique and beautiful designs, just for you and your friends.


Explore options for personalisation.

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